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I recently entered the world of loom knitting when I decided to do a home-made Christmas in 2014. The brightly colored plastic looms caught my eye, and as I tried the hat pattern that came with the loom, I was overjoyed at how neat and even the stitches all looked! I have never considered myself a crafty person, but the knitting loom has proven to be my gateway into crafting! Now I’m hooked, and speaking of hooked, I’m also starting to try my hand at crochet. It is proving to be much more challenging than the loom. I’m now using my new found skills to satisfy my desire for gaming gear, or just cute knits in general. I’m always looking for new ideas for a project. I love JRPG’s and old-school gaming, and how simple pixel images lend themselves so well to knitting. I hope you are able to find a project you like here. If you try one for yourself, send me an email! I would love see what you are making, and with your permission, feature you on this site. Happy knitting!

Here is a blog post with more about me and my thoughts on games. 

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