Princess Leia Hat

October 9, 2016 - Free Patterns, Hats
Princess Leia Hat

I decided to make this hat because of the Star Wars dress-up event at the school where I work. I made my own pattern because I’m all about keeping it simple, and this hat is SO simple. You can make it and have plenty of time left over to lead the rebels!

I made a kid’s version and an adult version, which are both easy to change for your own particular size.

The one twist on this pattern is that I did use a knitting loom for the buns, and knitting needles for the hat– but it would be easy enough to make the buns with needles too if you don’t have any loom equipment. The adult sized one I made is actually a bit bigger than I wanted it to be, so I suggest you take the size down a bit unless you have a huge noggin’ like me.


You will need:

Cast on 66 (88 for large) stitches and join to work in the round. Place a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round if you like.

K1, P1 all the way around for 7 rounds

K in stockinette for the next 3 inches (4 inches for large)

Knit 9 K2tog repeated all the way around

K the next round

K 8, K2tog repeated for the round

K next round

K 7, K2tog repeated

K next round

Continue in this pattern and switch to DPNs when it gets too small to continue on round needles.

After the K1, K2tog round, K one round then K2tog all the way around. Break off a long enough tail to put on the yarn needle then put through the remaining stitches and pull closed.

Weave in ends.

To add the buns, make an i-cord. The baby sized ones were about 2 1/2 feet each. The adult sized ones were closer to 3 feet. You can find a good tutorial on knitting loom i-cords here. The i-cord I used used 4 pegs to make it a little thicker than normal. After finishing your i-cords, just use the yarn needle to sew them into the swirly shape pictured, then attach on both sides of your hat using your leftover yarn tails and weave in all ends when you are finished.


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