Phoenix Wright “Papa” Hat

February 16, 2016 - Hats, Other Projects
Phoenix Wright “Papa” Hat

The Phoenix Wright games are some of my favorites ever, with the investigations, mystery solving and court scenes. In a later game of the series, “Apollo Justice”, Phoenix is seen out of professional garb as pictured above. I really wanted my own Phoenix Wright hat, and when I took up knitting a couple of years ago, it was the first pattern from Ravelry that I added to my queue. Unfortunately back then I only knew looms and wasn’t quite up for the challenge yet. I finally sat down and decided to try it a few weeks ago, following both the pattern and some notes from other crafty fans.

The original pattern called for intarsia in the round, which I was not up for in this stage of my knitting exploration. Fortunately I saw a few previous projects that mentioned doing their “Papa” stitching in duplicate stitch instead. I hadn’t tried that before either, but after watching some educational youtube videos I decided I could take on the challenge. I’ll share the pattern for how my hat was made, but there are certainly some changes I would make if I tried the hat again– so keep that in mind if you decide to try it.

First off, I used size 5 16″ circular needles and red heart soft yarn for the body of the hat. I cast on 100 stitches using the long tail cast on.

The first 25 rounds are P4, K1 all the way around. I felt this matched the ribbing in his hat better than the K2 P2 called for in the original pattern.

I then did 27 rounds of just knitting.

For crown decreases I did K8, K2 tog for the first round, then a normal round. Next row K7, K2 tog, then a normal round. I decreased this way as long as I could on my needles, then transferred to my 9″ circular needles to continue decreasing until there were only 20 stitches left. I cut and threaded the yarn through the remaining stitches and closed the hole and tied it closed. Then wove the end in as well.

Now to add the “PaPa”. I used some bright pink Caron simply soft yarn and wrote out the pattern on graph paper. I followed my graph paper to get the image pictured.

I would say that my lettering turned out a little too chunky for what I wanted, but is still pretty cute. Now if you want to be like me and show devotion to video games about 8 years too late, you can make a hat too!

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