Michaels Plastic Looms Review

February 3, 2016 - Loom Reviews
Michaels Plastic Looms Review

One thing I’ve been planning to do for a while was make some reviews the the looms I’ve used. All of the looms I have bought are from craft chain stores like Michaels and Joann, so they’re easy to find and generally inexpensive. My first set of looms is pictured below:

Loops & Threads Knit Quick Knitting Loom Set

You can look at the link to buy this set here. I’ve used this set to make many hats and other projects, and going in with a 50% off coupon gets it for just over $7, so the price can’t be beat.



Once I found sites with more instructions these looms became invaluable to me, but going on the instructions that come with it, you only learn to make a basic e-wrap hat with or without a brim. My orange loom has lost several pegs by now, which I’m able to squeeze back in with a bit of yarn if I want to use them, but they fall back out if my stitches are at all tight. Overall, I use these looms the most though. I think they’re a worthy purchase for a beginner loom knitter.

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