Martha Stewart Loom Set Review

February 3, 2016 - Loom Reviews
Martha Stewart Loom Set Review

The Martha Stewart set seemed to have it all. Adjustable, regular and large gauge for versatile projects, it can even be used as a weaving loom! So I bought this set with high hopes that I would be able to make anything from a sweater to a sock on it. How wrong I was.


Here’s the deal. I have barely been able to use this loom set for any projects. Each of the interlocking plastic pieces have been set in a mold that leaves little residue and makes them just ever so slightly irregular. The irregularities affect whether the pieces will go together to make your big circle or rectangle, and they affect whether you can fit the pegs in the little holes (see pictured below).


So when I try to make a sock or hat loom, if even one of the holes doesn’t fit a peg, it messes up the whole project. I will add, every time I make a project, at least one (usually more) do not fit pegs in the holes. When you put your pegs in, they don’t have a satisfying “click” that lets you know it is all the way in. You just push and squeeze the peg in there and hope it doesn’t fall out while you’re knitting. Usually a few fall out while I’m knitting. This was not the loom set I hoped it would be.



In theory, this is a great loom set, but in real life, it’s a mess. I would not recommend you buy it and spend hours trying to turn it into a working loom set when it will just break your hear and possibly ruin your knitting in the end.

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