Loom Knitting Resources

When I bought my first loom set, I found the instructions were extremely lacking. I was able to make a simple e-wrapped beanie with and without a rim, and made MANY of these for my loved ones.

loom hats

While that was a great beginner project, it took me months to realize that you can make so much more! I plan to create some simple tutorials as needed, but the internet already has some fantastic free resources for you. Some of my favorite go-to sites when I want to try something new include:

The Tuteate Team
They have instructional videos in English and Spanish.

Loom A Hat
This has several free patterns and tutorial videos linked.

This site has a huge database of patterns for knitting, loom knitting and crochet- some are free.

This site has several free patterns and tutorials in video and written form.

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