Free Patterns

Princess Leia Hat
I decided to make this hat because of the Star Wars dress-up event at the school where I work. I made my own pattern because I’m all about keeping it [...]
Doctor Who’s stashbuster scarf
I recently had an opportunity to stay out of town with an Aunt who is a big Doctor Who fan. I have watched some episodes before, but never really got into [...]
The Witcher Signs tumbler cozy
My husband has been playing the Witcher 3 and wanted something to knit for him relating to that game. He has a huge water bottle/tumbler that he drinks [...]
Loom knit bear hat
This was made for a friend’s grand-daughter using a free pattern from ravelry. I really didn’t make any changes to the pattern as I liked how [...]
Loom knit owl hat
I made this hat on request from a friend, but I like it so much I may make more. The pattern is by Isela Phelps and is free on ravelry. I made a few small [...]
The loom-knit facehugger
I wanted something scary to wear this Halloween and I think I accomplished it. This facehugger from the Alien movies was a project that required much trial [...]
An Ace Cowl-the 999 project
I finished this little project a few weeks ago and never got around to posting. It’s really the simplest pattern you could ever think of, and only [...]
Clover’s Furry Leg Warmers
This is a pattern for the 999 Project. 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors is a visual novel and puzzle game for the Nintendo DS. The 3rd in it’s series has [...]
Triforce Headband
This headband is another simple knit. It’s designed in the same way as the wrist cuffs, just longer and with a different image knit on it. [...]
Pac-man Wrist Cuff
The instructions for this wrist cuff is very similar to the Space Invaders wrist cuff.   However, because your pixel pattern is different, I will post a [...]