Princess Leia Hat
I decided to make this hat because of the Star Wars dress-up event at the school where I work. I made my own pattern because I’m all about keeping it [...]
Phoenix Wright “Papa” Hat
The Phoenix Wright games are some of my favorites ever, with the investigations, mystery solving and court scenes. In a later game of the series, [...]
Loom knit bear hat
This was made for a friend’s grand-daughter using a free pattern from ravelry. I really didn’t make any changes to the pattern as I liked how [...]
Loom knit owl hat
I made this hat on request from a friend, but I like it so much I may make more. The pattern is by Isela Phelps and is free on ravelry. I made a few small [...]
Bob Marley Hat
I made this one for a friend. I used some extra bulky yarn and modified this pattern. Now I have to see if I can make one with a visor brim.
Ewok Hood-Happy Star Wars Day!
I wanted to do something crafty this Star Wars Day, so I went on Ravelry and did a pattern search for Star Wars and loom knitting. Much to my dismay, my [...]
Quick and Easy Adult Moogle Hat
Kupo! I still love Moogles! I got the sizing right on this one, and made it with such simple stitches, any beginner could make this moogle design! Take the [...]
Jayne’s Cunning Hat
Who doesn’t love Firefly? It’s the best space cowboy pirate show out there. ┬áThis hat was my first attempt to knit outside the realm of the [...]
White Mage Hooded Cowl
Want a hood, but don’t have time to make one? That’s ok! I have them available in my Etsy Shop! This White Mage hood was a fun project and [...]
Link’s Hat
Want your own hat, but don’t want to make it? That’s ok! They’re available in my Etsy shop!   It is a well-known fact that a hero [...]