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Princess Leia Hat
I decided to make this hat because of the Star Wars dress-up event at the school where I work. I made my own pattern because I’m all about keeping it [...]
Doctor Who’s stashbuster scarf
I recently had an opportunity to stay out of town with an Aunt who is a big Doctor Who fan. I have watched some episodes before, but never really got into [...]
The Witcher Signs tumbler cozy
My husband has been playing the Witcher 3 and wanted something to knit for him relating to that game. He has a huge water bottle/tumbler that he drinks [...]
Sleepy kitten knit
I just finished this cute guy from a pattern called “sleepy kitten” in Baby Knits Made Easy. It’s a pretty quick knit and simple enough [...]
Phoenix Wright “Papa” Hat
The Phoenix Wright games are some of my favorites ever, with the investigations, mystery solving and court scenes. In a later game of the series, [...]
Martha Stewart Loom Set Review
The Martha Stewart set seemed to have it all. Adjustable, regular and large gauge for versatile projects, it can even be used as a weaving loom! So I [...]
Michaels Plastic Looms Review
One thing I’ve been planning to do for a while was make some reviews the the looms I’ve used. All of the looms I have bought are from craft [...]
More Bears!
My son has a children’s book called “More Bears” that today’s post reminds me of. In it, the author is trying to write a book and [...]
Loom knit bear hat
This was made for a friend’s grand-daughter using a free pattern from ravelry. I really didn’t make any changes to the pattern as I liked how [...]
Loom knit owl hat
I made this hat on request from a friend, but I like it so much I may make more. The pattern is by Isela Phelps and is free on ravelry. I made a few small [...]